Best Quality made according to Old Traditions 

Sawrasko Glas has been around for over 25 years. Since then it has been our goal to produce Christmas glass according to old traditions and in the best quality.
Each item is mouth-blown and hand-painted and is therefore unique every time.


We are a family business and it is of great value for us to produce fairly and environmentally friendly - our artists produce all items with love and real craftsmanship near Lviv, Ukraine.


This is also where our founder Alex comes from, who created a company out of his love for Christmas ornaments made of glass and whose items are sold internationally at many Christmas markets. His daughter Jana has joined him and has recently been in charge of marketing at the company's headquarter near Hannover.


We also sell handmade glass animals and glass flowers, as well as Art Glass by the internatially known glass artist Andriy Petrovski.




Why Sawrasko?
Sawrasko is the name of a horse from an old Eastern European Christmas story. Hence our logo - a horse.




Business customers
If you are interested in working with us for resale, please contact us using our contact form.