A brief insight into the history of giving presents and our individual gift ideas

A brief insight into the history of giving presents and our individual gift ideas
Gifts are a beautiful way to show love and affection for the people in our hearts.
The main thing is to use something personal to show your loved ones that you have put a lot of thought and effort into it.

What could be nicer than surprising with something handmade, something that will be
unique and that nobody else will not possess, such as our handmade and mouth-blown glass
figures, Christmas balls, candle light holders or glass flowers? The range goes on but more on
that later.
Just think of all the occasions we give gifts today: Christmas, birthdays,
Weddings, engagements, graduations, Valentine's Day, baby parties, housewarmings,
anniversaries. But when have we actually started giving presents to each other?
Let's start in ancient times. The following observation was made with chimpanzees: the
males used to give food to females to impress them. When the behavior of the first people
was documented, it was clear that the more generously a male gave, the easier it was to
attract a female. So, it seems as giving has had an evolutionary benefit!
From antiquity, Homer's "Odyssey" illustrates the Greek poet's view that giving gifts and gifts
in general played a very important role in society. "Xenia" - or the concept of hospitality of
the ancient Greeks - dictates that gifts should be given to strangers; both in material form
and in non-material form such as to provide accommodation to an anonymous traveler.
According to Homer, the concept of duty was being kind and generous to other human
beings, a way for social well-being and helping to keep the order maintained.
The tradition of giving grew steadily. So, it was also common to be seen as an expression of
friendship, neighborhood and peace between different nations.
From scientific and historical origins, we can see that giving gifts is common to all nations
and has firmly established societies.
In our shop you will find the right gift for all occasions, with the personal touch playing a
special role because all of our glass figures are handmade and unique. How about our birds
for hanging, for example? The handmade glass birds can be attached to a ribbon and look
very nice on a tree or branch or as a window decoration. Glass magnets are a great present
for small gestures in between- they can be used for attaching notes on the refrigerator or on
magnetic boards. Glass figures are always an expression of warmth and can be individually
chosen according to person’s taste, whether big or small. Do you have a friend who loves
cats, for example? On our website you can find your personal collector's item, handcrafted
and designed with great attention to detail.
The biggest gift event of the year is Christmas. There is a wide variety of options in our range
giving options, from handmade and mouth-blown Christmas balls to Christmas candle light
holders made of glass, up to "My first Christmas" baby Christmas balls for newborns. And
when you realize that it is also time to give yourself a gift and freshen up your home, you can

do so with a variety of Christmas decorations handcrafted by artists who show affection and
love for what they do.

No matter what motivates you, what traditions you follow or what the occasion is, a well-
intentioned, genuine gift, is making your loved ones or yourself happy and that is all that


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