Quality based on traditional glass craftsmanship

Sawrasko Glass clearly stands for real glass craftsmanship. We have been around for over 25 years and since then it has been our goal to produce Christmas glasses according to old
traditions and in the best quality.

We are a family company and it is of great value for us to produce fairly and environmentally friendly. All of our paints that we use to make our glass items are biodegradable. The attention to detail is what defines our glass balls, because all of our glass artists have an artistic education. Our production is located near Lviv, Ukraine. This is where the founder Alex Kogan comes from. He made a name for himself in the Christmas glass industry out of his love for Christmas and especially decorating the Christmas tree. Sawrasko Glass balls can be found at many international Christmas markets.

Since every item is mouth-blown and hand-painted, it is always an unique piece of work. The production of a Christmas ball takes around 15-30 minutes, depending on the time and effort involved in painting. Every single detail is divided into many different steps:

First the outlines are drawn by hand with a pencil, then the outlines are painted with the brush and then everything is colored in. Every motif on a ball or a candle holder is based on this principle. There are many different techniques such as painting clouds or trees. These are usually painted with a sponge dabbed with paint. It is always very important to make sure that the paint is completely dry. Only then does the next step follow. For this reason, the production of a hand-painted Christmas ball or a Christmas wind light is very time- consuming.

It is of great importance for us to ensure that our quality always remains the same. But since it is 100% handcraft, the motifs may differ slightly from the color or size. So that the difference is as small as possible, we try to divide our motifs among our artists. We have artists who specialize in painting Santa Clauses, people and animals, whereas others focus mainly on Christmas landscape motifs.

Since we only have limited capacities, we paint in production throughout the year. With us,
everything revolves around Christmas in every season, even in midsummer.


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