The Origin and History of the Christmas ball

Decorating the Christmas tree is one of the most popular Christmas
traditions around the world. Families come together every year, gather
their boxes with the beloved Christmas decorations such as Christmas
balls and glass figures and create memories together. Many of these
memories form the basis of traditions that are passed on from generation
to generation. Like our "My First Christmas" handmade Christmas balls
for newborns that are available our online shop. With these unique glass
balls and special motifs, moments remain captured for years and shared
moments become manifested.

But how did the Christmas decorations started to play such a big role in
our Christmas experiences? Let's go back in history. The idea of
​​decorating a tree for Christmas started actually in Germany, where trees
were decorated with fruits and nuts. With the leaves falling off, the
promise of the coming spring should be symbolized.

In 1605 the Christmas tree was then brought inside the house and filled
with paper roses, candles, and nuts Decorated with fruits, which was
truly groundbreaking at that time! As a result, the idea of ​​decorating a
tree in the house spread throughout Germany.

In the 1800´s, German immigrants brought the tradition to America,
giving it their very own interpretation. The first tree ornaments were

made from whatever the families had available, such as fruits, nuts,
popcorn and lingonberry chains, streamers, candles and metal foil.

The German Hans Greiner began making glass balls, which were one of
the first manufactured Christmas decorations. In the late 19th century,
the business-minded F.W. Woolworth brought the idea to America,
where he sold more than $ 25 million worth of decorations annually.

Eventually, manufacturers started the injection molding process (injecting
molten material into a
Shape form) with plastic materials, which allowed for a variety of other
shapes and sizes. Christmas balls made of glass are, according to the
history, a development from the late 19th century. At that time the idea
came up that Christmas tree decorations could have a significant
potential in the commercial industry.
By the way, the origin of Christmas balls is from Thuringia. The first
glassblowers from the region still used a little compatible alloy composed
of tin and lead. So, the glass was mirrored. From 1870
silver nitrate was used and is even still used today for mirroring.

More and more mass production emerged, particularly through the
construction of a production facility in 1867, which made it possible.
Large spheres with very thin walls could now be blown with a hot gas

The first Christmas tree balls from Lauscha, which were hand-painted
with ornate decorations, were first introduced in the USA about 1880.
This meant a renewed upswing for production in Germany, which was
reflected in throughout the region. Until the First World War, the
Christmas balls from Thuringia were pending unchallenged at the top of
the world. Only shortly before the outbreak of the First World War first
Christmas balls were made abroad.

Only a few manufacturers like us stick to the traditions and make various
types of Christmas balls and glass figurines by hand.
Christmas balls are also a particularly nice idea for a Christmas gift
because they are timeless and a reminder for special moments together
as a family. Our handmade “My first Christmas” balls are a present for a


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