• 19/05/2021 - Sawrasko Team 0 Comments
    The processing of glass into glass figures

    What is glass actually made of and how is it processed into glass figures?
    A question that is not just interesting for people who are interested in art.
    Because the further processing of “handmade glass figurines” is definitely a special kind of
    art and is fundamentally different from machine made glassware. While traditional craftsmanship requires a lot of tact and each artist lets their personal influence flow into their creations, glassware is mass-produced and done in piecework. Craftsmanship is a philosophy and gives every product a unique identity, let it be glass figurine, glass flowers, Christmas balls or candle light holders.

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  • 14/05/2021 - Sawrasko Team 0 Comments
    History of the manufacture and production of glass figurines and glass animals

    Everyone knows glass figures, some more filigree than others and yet singular and graceful in every form. They are available in any design and color scheme. The origin and the production are as unique as the glass figurines themselves. We will further explain this topic today in this blog and explore the history and manufacture of glass animals and figures.

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