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    Quality based on traditional glass craftsmanship

    Sawrasko Glass clearly stands for real glass craftsmanship. We have been around for over 25 years and since then it has been our goal to produce Christmas glasses according to old
    traditions and in the best quality.

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  • 26/08/2021 - Sawrasko Team 0 Comments
    Cleaning of glass items

    Christmas is usually officially opened with the decoration of the Christmas tree. It is a very
    special moment when you open the box with the Christmas balls and the beautiful
    memories of the past festivals come back to you. Therefore, after buying a hand-painted glass ball or candle holder, you should pay particular attention to cleaning and storage so that you can enjoy the special decorative highlight for many years to come. With the purchase of such glass items you have decided on the finest handwork, all of which are manufactured to the highest standards. The Christmas items only get their special Christmas touch through the glitter. A special adhesive is applied to the areas to be applied with glitter and then sprinkled with glitter. The excess glitter is then brushed off. During transport or by slightly stirring the packaging of the Christmas items, small tears may occur. However, this in no way affects the quality of the item. Here are a few helpful tips:

    This should be taken into account when cleaning:

    • Since these are glass articles, you should be very careful when packing and unpacking the
    article in order to be able to avoid breaking the glass

    • You should have clean and dry fingers so that the glass does not slip out of your hand

    • Especially when it comes to Christmas decorations, you should avoid touching the painted
    motifs and adding water to them or cleaning agents to be stirred

    • Items with glitter should be wrapped in paper and only then placed in the packaging

    • Handmade glass is not suitable for the dishwasher

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    The history of glass art and Andriy Petrovsky’s glass art

    The first human-made objects made of glass, mainly glass beads, date from 3500 BC. and were found in Egypt and the eastern part of Mesopotamia.

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    The Origin and History of the Christmas ball

    Decorating the Christmas tree is one of the most popular Christmas
    traditions around the world. Families come together every year, gather
    their boxes with the beloved Christmas decorations such as Christmas
    balls and glass figures and create memories together. Many of these
    memories form the basis of traditions that are passed on from generation
    to generation. Like our "My First Christmas" handmade Christmas balls
    for newborns that are available our online shop. With these unique glass
    balls and special motifs, moments remain captured for years and shared
    moments become manifested.

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    The story of the Christmas tree and my first Christmas

    Christmas is celebrated on December 25th and is both a holy religious holiday and a
    worldwide cultural and commercial phenomenon.
    For two millennia it has been celebrated with traditions and practices by people all over the
    world. Christians celebrate the Christmas Day as the anniversary of the birth of Jesus of
    Nazareth, a spiritual leader whose teachings form the basis of their religion.
    For Jews it is a time to consider their relationships to the whole society.
    Some Jews have chosen to adapt the Christmas celebrations. Others firmly reject the rituals
    and symbols of Christmas. And others have looked for ways to merge Christmas and
    Hanukkah. Traditionally, the Christmas tree is decorated with Christmas balls on these
    holidays, people go to church, gifts are exchanged, festive meals are eaten with family and
    friends and, of course, Santa Claus is waited for.

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    A brief insight into the history of giving presents and our individual gift ideas

    A brief insight into the history of giving presents and our individual gift ideas
    Gifts are a beautiful way to show love and affection for the people in our hearts.
    The main thing is to use something personal to show your loved ones that you have put a lot of thought and effort into it.

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    The processing of glass into glass figures

    What is glass actually made of and how is it processed into glass figures?
    A question that is not just interesting for people who are interested in art.
    Because the further processing of “handmade glass figurines” is definitely a special kind of
    art and is fundamentally different from machine made glassware. While traditional craftsmanship requires a lot of tact and each artist lets their personal influence flow into their creations, glassware is mass-produced and done in piecework. Craftsmanship is a philosophy and gives every product a unique identity, let it be glass figurine, glass flowers, Christmas balls or candle light holders.

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    History of the manufacture and production of glass figurines and glass animals

    Everyone knows glass figures, some more filigree than others and yet singular and graceful in every form. They are available in any design and color scheme. The origin and the production are as unique as the glass figurines themselves. We will further explain this topic today in this blog and explore the history and manufacture of glass animals and figures.

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