Cleaning of Glass Items 

Care Instructions 


With the purchase of our glass items you have decided on the finest handwork, all of which are manufactured to the highest standards. Each item is unique and can therefore vary slightly from the item images. Our Christmas items, in particular, only get their special Christmas touch through the glitter. A special glue is applied to the areas to be applied with glitter and then sprinkled with glitter. The excess glitter is then brushed off. Small abrasions may occur during transport or by lightly touching the packaging of the Christmas items. However, this in no way affects the quality of the articles.

This should be taken into account when cleaning:

  • Since our products are made of glass you should generally be careful when packing and unpacking the items to avoid breaking the glass
  • You should have clean and dry fingers so that the glass does not slip out of your hand
  • With Christmas items in particular, you should avoid touching the painted motifs or letting them come into contact with water or cleaning agents
  • Items with glitter are best wrapped in paper and only then placed in the packaging
  • None of our items are dishwasher safe